Hi! I'm a film and video game composer based in Seattle. I also do some voice over things!

I've worked on Civilization VI, Far Cry V, and on blockbuster films like Smallfoot and Playmobil. I'm currently a music operations specialist at Bungie.

These days I'm especially passionate about diversity in audio, promoting a healthy work-life balance in our industry, and analog synths. I have a blog where I talk a lot about my random musings which you can read here. I also play a lot of Destiny 2...I'm always looking for friends to help me upgrade my light level...

In my spare time, when I'm not working or crushing Gambit, I'm finessing my animated musical, I'm currently a mentee in the Audio Mentor Project (a great program, if you don't know of it yet!), and if you haven't noticed I really like pink. Thanks for checking out my little site here!

Past projects: